This year’s Three Peaks Walk is on Saturday 23rd June. You will need warm clothes at the start but you will warm up quickly. Take a drink and choc. and leave your change of t-shirt, socks, food etc. in the back up vehicle.

Cost K4,000 (to cover costs for additional food, tea, biscuits and petrol)

Distance: 48.5 Kilometres Approx. Time: 13.5 hours Walking time: 11-12 hours

Meeting place: Blantyre Sports Club Reception Area at 4:30 am for 5:00 am SHARP START! 


1. BSC to Michiru Summit 0 – 10 Km 1 hr 55 minutes

2. Michiru summit to conservation office 10 – 13.5 Km 1 hr

Breakfast 20 minutes – change your socks and go to the loo 

3. Conservation Office to Swiya Turnoff 13.5 – 15.0 Km 25 minutes

4. Swiya Turnoff to Chileka Rd. 15.0 – 19.0 Km 40 minutes

5. Chileka Rd. Johnston House 19.0 – 21.5 Km 30 minutes

Johnston’s House 15 mins stop for tea – change ‘feet’ use their loo 

6. to Ndirande Summit 21.5 – 26.5 Km 1 hr 40 mins

Ten minute break on summit for views 

7. Ndirande Summit to Kamuzu View 26.5 – 28.5 Km 45 minutes

LUNCH – 20 minutes – change your legs 

8. Kamuzu View to Nkolokoti 28.5 – 31.2 Km 45 mins

9. Nkolokoti to Soche School 28.5 – 38.5 Km 1 hour 30 minutes

Soche Sec. School STOP 10 minutes 

10. Soche School to Summit 38.5 – 41.0 Km 50 minutes

Ten minute break on summit for views 

11. Soche summit to BSC 41.0 – 48.5 Km 1 hour 45 mins

Finish at BSC – Enjoy a PINT and buy me one! More details if required.

Essential Information 

1. All participants should register if possible beforehand. Email [] with name, email, cell number

2. Walkers can register on the morning.

3. Payment to be made BEFORE the start

4. The GPS will be sent to participants to help with routing

5. When walking look for ‘lime’ directions

6. Children aged 14 or under MUST be accompanied throughout by an adult.

7. Walkers must realise that the walk is quite fast throughout the day.

8. There will be a back- marker to help with slower walkers.

9. The back-up vehicle will wait for some time after the majority of walkers have left, and any walkers left behind will be responsible for their own journey back home.

10. The leader should be called if there is any difficulty: Gordon Benbow 0888832879.

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