on Sapitwa summit, morning
View from Sapitwa summit in early morning

Rationale: One of the best views in the world if the sunrise is great – worth a night out. Climb the highest point in Malawi and sleep there! Last year was amazing.

*You will need to provide and/or share: sleeping bag, food, tent, stove.


  • Meet at Shoprite Centre at 12:30 pm
  • Travel to Likhubula approximate start 2:00 pm
  • Walk via Chapaluka Path to Chisepo Hut ± 5-6 hours. Arrive in the dark – you need a torch 
  • Porters – K7,000 per day 

* Once we know numbers it is best to sort food in small groups

Saturday / Sunday 

  • We climb after breakfast about 10:30 am and have lunch on top (bring your own)
  •  If you want porters to carry your gear to Sapitwa peak it is possible but extra costs will be incurred to go up and down and then up and down the next morning to pick up your gear.
  • 2 litres + water needed per person – some water on top but needs boiling
  • We sleep in tents all ‘warm and snug’ (honest) after sunset
  • We eat Dinner and breakfast on the summit (food sorted on your own or in pairs – noodles, cereal)
  • We don’t wash (well I don’t) until back at Chisepo
  • Tea at Chisepo Hut and then the long trek back down (total walking from summit about 7 hours)
  • Alternative is spend another night at Chisepo or Chambe and do another peak.
  • We will wear cold weather gear, fleece, hat, gloves, waterproof, extra socks on top

*Everyone will need to be fit and safe. Gordon will take a first aid kit but you really need your own. Gordon is happy to look after everyone, but some independence is necessary re: kit, food clothes etc. 

*THIS TRIP MUST BE RESERVED AS THERE ARE LIMITED SPACES ON TOP. Contact Gordon on 0888 832 879 or [gordonbenbow1@gmail.com] 

If you have never done the sleepover it has to be done!

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